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We have yoga classes for all fitness levels accompanied by a group of experienced Yoga Alliance-certified teachers to help guide you along the way! Bring yourself, we'll take care of the rest.



Our hot vinyasa classes focus on fluid movements and purposeful transitions between postures, combining breath and motion. This approach enhances strength, flexibility and mindfulness both on and off the mat. These classes are perfect for individuals who have a basic understanding of foundational yoga poses and enjoy opportunities to flow on your own in a heated studio to music! If you are new to yoga, check out our fully guided vinyasa classes!


Our hatha yoga classes blend physical postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and relaxation methods to enhance the connection between body and mind. Individuals of all levels are invited to explore this foundational form of yoga, emphasizing alignment, mindfulness, and a slower paced approach. The classes aim to improve flexibility, build strength, and promote well-being. The studio is warm and welcoming (but not heated).



Slow Flow is the bridge from Hatha to Vinyasa. It includes low-impact sequences of postures, where you hold shapes for 3 to 5 breaths as you learn to create a flow between them. This helps deepen your connection between breath and movement, enhancing your mindfulness during the practice. You can enjoy this fully guided practice in our warm (not heated) studio while music plays appropriately for the vibe. This class is a great option of individuals of all levels.


Traditionally in Yin Yoga, floor based postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes or more. This allows for a deeper stretch, getting into the body's deeper connective tissues. Through these longer holds, you will release tension, restore mobility and enhance joint flexibility, while experiencing inner calm. This sensational practice is suitable for all levels. Our studio is warm (not heated) and the music is calming to fit the atmosphere.



Rejuvenate in our 90 minute Restorative class- Sundays at 6:30PM. A soothing solution to stress. Immerse in gentle poses with cozy props, allowing your body to surrender into relaxation. Beyond the physical, this class releases tension for all bodies, promoting deep healing and balance. Our warm studio (not heated) is welcoming and calm music will play to enhance the atmosphere.


Our short form Ashtanga class will have you practicing the traditional sequence of poses, honoring your body and breath with each posture. This disciplined class aims to cultivate strength, flexibility and focus. With no music, in a warm room, you'll have the opportunity to nurture your headspace while experiencing the strength and flexibility of this structured yoga style. Offered Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings.



Imagine the wall as a supportive friend for your body; a prop to make challenging poses more achievable, allowing you to build strength and flexibility without fear of falling. This class is perfect for beginners seeking expert guidance, intermediates eager to advance their poses, and advance practitioners aiming to enhance strength, flexibility, and recovery. The studio is warm (not heated), with music thoughtfully curated to complement the class vibe.

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