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Navigating new places is already hard enough. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us for your

first class, which is always on us!

We offer multiple class styles that are suitable for everyBODY! Ranging from Vinyasa to Ashtanga to Yin, there is something for you here. Each teacher provides a unique experience to their classes!


If you are new to yoga, we recommend signing up for one of our fully guided vinyasa classes, yin, hatha, wall or restorative classes. 

  • What should I expect for my first class at Brighton Yoga Center?
    Please arrive about ten minutes prior to the start of class to sign in, have one of our teachers show you around the studio and get settled on your mat. We have mats to borrow or for purchase, as well as cubbies to store your belongings. Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room and we encourage you to keep put away in the loddy. Your smiles and eagerness to learn are more than welcome! Savasana is important. Please stay for this pose; it helps decrease your stress levels from day-to-day and relaxes the body. If you cannot stay for the entirety of class, please let the instructor know beforehand so they can help you leave quietly. After class, be sure to wipe your mat and the area around you.
  • How do I register for class?
    For all new clients we offer $39 for two weeks of unlimited yoga! Try a variety of class styles and teachers that best fit your schedule and needs. For future bookings, we suggest you either download the MindBody app on your phone or visit the BOOK IN STUDIO page on our website to create a MindBody account.
  • What should I bring?
    When visiting our studio for any of our classes, you can bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. If you ever forget either one of those things, don't worry, we have you covered! We have free mats that anyone is welcome to use, as well as any props you may need to enhance your practice. Feel free to change and freshen up before or after class in one of our bathroom spaces.
  • How do I cancel my registration?
    If you are signed up for a class, but are not able to make it, please cancel your reservation before class time. Reservations may be cancelled online through MindBody, or by calling the studio. You can always call the studio for additional assistance from a manager during operating hours: 810.522.5004
  • Are classes heated?
    Our Hot Vinyasa classes are heated to 85 degrees fahrenheit. All of our other classes are just warm enough to feel comfortable as your body heats up naturally from movement, about 70 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Which package is best for me?
    Your first class is on us! We want you to get a little taste of what we have to offer for free. After you take your first class, we offer $39 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for new clients. This allows time for you to explore multiple class styles and teachers to best fit your schedule and needs. After the two weeks is up, we have a variety of packages including monthly memberships and class passes depending on how often you practice. If you practice once a week we recommend any of the class packages — 10 or 50. Keep in mind, the more classes you purchase at one time, the cheaper the cost per class. If you plan on practicing two or more times per week, our Unlimited Monthly Autopay is the most affordable option for unlimited in-studio yoga: $90/month. View all of our package options here.
  • Is there a place to change and freshen up?
    We have two large bathrooms that have ample space for changing and freshening up after you leave class.
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