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yoga and wellness workshops

Here's what's coming up in September!



HeartCentered- an exploration of self-love and safety. A sanctuary for your soul. Discover the boundless reservoir of self-love within you as we gently guide you toward its depths. In this safe and loving space, we'll journey together to reveal the beauty in your shadows, fostering self-acceptance.  This workshop is a celebration of your inner light, a reminder of the love and safety that resides within. Join us for this soul-enriching journey to a heart-centered existence. This workshop will use: -Yoga -Meditation -Journaling -Shadow Work Your Guides: Rylee Lapham- Rylee is a Meditation, Mindfulness, and 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She is pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and approaches these modalities through a trauma informed lens. Jeanie Gardner- Jeanie is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher sharing the transformative power of mindfulness and movement. Inspiring inner peace and balance through yoga. 

yoga workshop
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